Places to visited in Anjar


It is a famous as entry door of ancient kutch state.  It was an administrative place of kutch state. It is famous for knives, nut-cutter, lie and dye art of printing, Azarakh, etc. All these handicrafts have taken a shape of small industry. All these items of Anjar is internationally acclaimed.


History fame Jesal-Toral famous shrine is located in this town.1000 year old artistic Bhairaveshwar mahadev temple is worth-visiting .


In the year 1814, colonel Mac-Mardo visited Kutch. He came in a camouflage dress of hindu saint and became famous as “Bhurio-Bavo” word Bhurio of local language is equivalent of white skin. His artistic bunglow is located in this town. In this bunglow stories of Ramayana and mahabharat were depicted  in kamangari school of paintings. These paintings are uncomparable in the world. These paintings are made of natural colours with microscopic fine details. These pictures are 150 years old, and looks as if it is painted yesterday.


It is famous for Jogani maataji temple. It is a pilgrimage place.


These are bewly constructed towns after independence. Kandla has been developed as biggest port of India. There is a free-trade zone here. A sia’s number one fertilizer plant is located here. It is known as “IFFCO” ,with administrative office in Gandhidham.


Famous Lord Hanuman temple is situated here, it is known as Patalia Hanuman.


Clean and decent lake, ideal for migrant birds. Bird-watchers like this place very much. Khoja community’s Haziro is also worth-seeing place here.


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