Places to visited in Bhachau


This is a gate-way of kutch.


It is a historic known place. The remains of old fort where six kumbhies and six arches are the artistic creations. Their carvings are eye-catching. This fort was 800 years old, where ancient architecture is used with special arrangements of ways and shelters for getting protection against invaders , which is an excellent ancient engineering. 1000 years old Sun-Temple is located in the fort. Tropic of cancer is passing over the kutch district, and this sun temple is exactly located on tropic of cancer. The size of the fort and number of gorglous  mansions  indicate the prosperity and wealth in olden days of this area. Only one idol of standing posture with folded hand to show bow down mood in reverence- a sun statue –which only one in whole of india and unique of its posture. Several polished stones scattered there and kapalik’s remains indicate so many secret storied hidden here.This temple got destroyed in earthquake and now renovation is going-on. Two big wells, in the kathadnath “seat” of Nath sampradaya, are work-seeing Remains of age-old artistic Jain temple is seen here, which is under renovation.

Several interested persons visit this historic and archeologically important place for their deep stndies.


It is an ialand inside a desert. 5000 year an old haddapan civilization’s remains are found scattered in this area. One square kilometer area is covered by Haddapan town planning can be seen here. It is about 3 kilometers away from Dhola-veera-a famous archeological excavation. Temple of sangwaali Maataji is also located here.


Shrines of fifty six  Rajput brave warriors tell the story of these martyrs.


Patha Pir, Gebanshah Pir, and tomb of Aashabaa are located here. Ancient Haddapan civilization is also seen here. It is an archeologaically important place.


Sai-baba’s temple here, is worth-seeing.


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