Places to visited in Lakhpat


An ancient trading port of west india, an old fort, gorgeous ancient mansions, Guru Nanakdev of Sikh sect, stayed at this place for sometime, so in memory of this occasion, a Gurudwar has been constructed at this place. Some ancient mansions of Islamic architecture are also seen at this place. Dhauns mohemed’s “KUBO” is also worth – seeing place here.


Goddess of Kutch kingdom, Maa Ashapura’s magnificient  Temple is located here.Three numbers of annual celebrations- called three “Navraatries” are celebrated here as a big festivals. Pilgrims from all over india and abroad visit this place during” Navraatries” Some pilgrims visit this place by foot for about 100 kms journey to this Temple. Other places of interest are chaachar Kund, Hinglaa-Maate temple, essence sticks of “Aashapuri” brand is very much famous of this place. There isd a big guest house constructed by G.M.D.C.


Near Maata-na-madh, there is one religious place of saint Odhavramji, it is a religious and picnic place.


Situated at the mouth of Arabian sea, a huge natural lake of sweet-water, well-known from vedic era-named as Narayan Sarovar. It is one of the sacred lake of India, mentioned in vedic literature as well as ancient poorana. There is one “seat” of Vallabhachaarya shri Maha prabhuji “Tulsi-vivah” is celebrated in the hindu month “Kartik” . It is called a “must-visit” place of Hindu religion followers. There is Chinkara animal sanctuary  nere this place, Where several bird varities are also to be watched here.


Nere Narayan Sarovar there is temple of Lord Shiva-named as Koteshwar. It is an ancient temple of Vedic-era situated on the hillock on the beach of Arabian sea. Sun-set overe sea, is a worth-seeing site of this place. The name of this temple is mentioned in ancient poorana and vedic literature.


There are several Buddha caves, carved in hillocks all around indicating the spread of Buddha religion in this area. It is the western most spot of india. Inscriptions of Buddhist literature is found here on several stone structures. Buddha idols are carved several big stones.It is an historic place.


Situated  at the border of Lakhpat sub-district and big-desert of Kutch, near the village Zara. It is named as “Kuru kshetra” of the kutch, because 300 years ago a big war was fought by the people of kutch against invaders, several brave people died for the noble cause of the mother land kutch. Invader was king of sinddh, mir gulam shah kalara, who was almost defeated and it was difficult to run away from battle field to save his life. About one and quarter lakh brave warriors gave their life at this place and all were saluted as Martyrs ofKutch. Their bones are still lying in this area. This war was an unique example of communal harmony and unity of kutcchipeople barring barriers of cast, creed and religion . This was considered as biggest ever fought on the land of Gujarat. Thus this place has historic importance.


Lord Rama and his brother Lakshmana visited this place.


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