Places to visited in Mundra


This town is famous for the ancient, artistics constructions of several mansions located here. In local langnage these mansions are called “Haveli”. It is also famous for silver articles and other ornaments. Tie and dye type of colour printing known as “ Baandhani” ,is very famous. Modern “Adani Port” , shah Bukhari’s dargah and artistic maksbaro are worth-seeing places of Mundra Town.


It is a popular religious centre of Jainism. There is a beautifully carved pilgrimage temple here. Chaukhanda Mahadev temple of Lord Shiva is situated at the coastal bank of the sea. Great philantrophe sheth shree Jagdushah’s palace is worth-seeing place here.


There is one big Nandi Lake, which is spread over the 50acres of land as well as Ahimshadham, a unique hospital of its type- a hospital for ailing animals. Other worth-seeing places are as follows:- Smruti Mandir, Ayur vedic Harbal plants-garden for various medicines, bird sanctuary, Nakshatra-van ect.


It is famous for Lord Ganesh Temple and Lord Shiva Temple at this Place. It is worth-seeing monuments.


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