Places to visited in Nakhatrana


Second highest hill of kutch district, is having a delightful area of valley of this hill. It is a  “seat” of “ Nath Sampradaya” ,Jagir Dada Dhoramnath’s worship here. It has a unique cave, which is so dark like no-moon day night, even at the time of noon of the day. The experience , is worth enjoying. Huge cooking metal vessels, Dhoka-vidi, A very big fair is organized on “Shiv Raatri-Day”. Steps are there to climb this hill. It is a picnic as well as religions place. There is a “ Fossil Park” near this hill. “Infinily Resort” is an added feature of this area. There is one silent “Votcano” of kutch at aral village near this hill.


It is a 1200 years old historic place with ancient archeological importance for decent carving on stones. This Lord Shiva temple has archeological significance.


It is an ancient “Shaiwa sampradaya” monastery, It is famous as  a palace of Rao Pooaraa. Several ruined remains of carved pillars of a palace can bee seen standing in abig area. There is ruined entry gate of the place and several temples of God and Goddesses of stone-carvings, which indicates its past glory.


It is an important historical place of kutch dynastry. Remains of 500-600 years old glorious fort can be visualized here. It is also known as stigma foort – or –ill-famed fort.


It was a capital place of roha Jagir dynastery. It is a father-in-law place of the most popular poet of Gujarati literature, Shri kalapi. Remains of old fort and gagoreous mansions are worth-studying Famous Sumari-ladies of sinddh area gave their life here for a noble cause and became women martyrs. It is a historic place.


Situated on kakkad bhith hill, there are seventy two numbers of idols of horse-riders on stone carvings here. This place is famous for bravery with heroic glorious history. All idols are painted white in colours. This word “Jakh” is local languge equivalent of Sanskrit word “YAKSHA” so placeis alsoknown as “ Jakhow” in local language . There is warriors faught bravely to same . The people of kutch from king Pooera’s  tyranny and cruelty .They were knowing several mysterious arts. The “three-day “ fair is held here every year at this place, which is considered as equivalent to famous “trinetra Fair” of saurashtra region. It is a religious as well as picnic place nearby, There is one artistic “Parswavallabh Indradham” a Jinalaya for Jain people. It is also a worth-visiting place.


it  may be either  haddapan civilization or more ancient unknown civilization remains are found at this place.  Well arranged  village area, coins, remains of old fort, heavy ornaments are found in this area. This place is on the way to Hazi-Pir. It is of archeological importance . 2000 years old Buddha caves are also found in this area, which has historic importance.


Here there is a forest of only, local named “ Khakhara”, trees all around of one type only. The whole area becomes delightful and colourful when leaves fall out and only flowers named as “ KESHUDA” is seen on all the trees during Holi festival . There is one Lord Shiva’s temple here.


Famous modern saint pandurang Shashtri has established a swadyay Kendra( A self learning Centre) and a temple of lord Vishnu. It is a much acclaimed religious place.


In a small banni area there is one  naturally spread shallow lake-an ideal place for migrant birds. They stay here in matling season, give eggs,  nurture their baby birds and when they grow big, all of them fly back to their cold countries. This shallow pond is known as “Dhandh” in local language. After rainy season this area is filled up with stationary shallow water. Thousands of migrant birds of syberria and other cold countries visit this place. When all birds sings to –gether, then it is a worth listening natural music. They leave this place in April. Bird-watchers tell this place as paradise of bird-watching. It is a natural picnic place.


It is a huge storage place of Kutchi Handicrafts of all type. Leather work, metal work, Lac work, hand-weaving, copper metal items and copper bells of different sizes are available here. These bells of different sizes gives different musical tones, when it is hit by wind. Seven ancestor fore father’s traditional art known as Rogem kalaa is unique and only its type in the world. It is a world famous unique art-type. It has received president’s medal as well as several other awards have been received by this specific style art-form. A sik-sarees made as per rogem-kalaa, is as costly as Rupees one lakh. This specific  art  survives on foreign visitors.  It has gone in more than 40 countries of the world.


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