Places to visit in Rapar


Main centre of the sub-district. Chintamani Jain temple is really a good place to see here.


similar to maa Ashapura’s faith, Maa Ravechi is equally praised place of faith for Kutchi people. There are five goddesses here- Maa Ravechi, Maa Ashapura, Maa khodiyaar, Maa Momai and Maa Ambaji, whose idols are established here to gether. It is said that Pandavas have created this temple. On eighth day of Bhadrapada month a fair is arranged here, where village culture is seen in full-groom. A lake is there by the side of temple, where migrant birds are coming here. Flemingo is also seen here.


In big desert , near surya kotada village, a big establishment of Haddapan civilization is found here. It is about 5000 years old city, with excellent city architecture. A fort with four gates, a palace for king, pond, a place for higher class people and a place  for lower class people are specifically arranged in the city. There is an excellent water storage system, wheels made from baked mud, remains of cart, bronge articles, bead weights etc. throws light on our ancient culture. It is a world-wide famous place of Haddapan civilization. Excavation is still going on. Similar Haddapan Civilisation is found at PABU MATH excavation place, near Suvai village of Rapar Taluka.


It’s  ancient name is “viraat Nagari” of Mahabharat era. King viraat was ruling here. Pandavas stayed here in their isolation period. It has historic importance. Several shrines of brave warriors are seen here. There is a temple of lord lakshmi Narayan.


The famous varanu  dada gave his life to save cows from infiltrators and became martyr  . His shrine is located here. Temple of varuneshwar Mahadev and tomb of captain Mac-mardo is also located here. It is a historic and pilgrimage place on the border of small desert.


It is a religions place on the border of desert, having Ekal Maata temple . On the back side of temple is a vast area of small desert spread, which gives an unique experience of experiencing a vast desert of several  hundred kilometers. Some  times wild ass and deers are seen here.


Wild ass are seen here .There is a watch tower of forest department constructed here.


Vagad village culture is nicely seen here with local Koli, Pardhi, Rabari using a grass house known as “BHUNGO” in local language is seen here . Kanabi community of vagad area with their traditional dresses, ornaments, etc are exciting experience to be seen.


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